My new processor...

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  1. Hello all! Here it is
    My AMD FX 8-core processor all installed AND overclocked.
    Would you say the OC is good?
    Went from 3.6 GHz to 4.4GHz on the first try?

    My goal is to get it to 5.0GHz

    Right now my processor isn't getting above 35oC

    (My WEI is only 5.9 because I havent switched my primary drive over to my SSD)

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  2. 4.4 GHz!!! Are you trying to build a computer for Battlefield 4???
  3. Crysis 3 might just be a test...
  4. thatssss a nice prossssesssor you vae therrr
  5. Very nice, What cooler have you got on that thing?
  6. water cooling i'm sure lol..
  7. Yeah I couldn't keep it stable at 4.8
    My computer would start up and run for a bit and then shut down.
    I tried to go big, but I couldn't without the voltage being higher, which I will mess with after a while.

    And the cooling is a CPU liquid cooling system, that came with the processor
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