My New Manga: Your Gray at Night

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  1. I hope you like my new idea!

    Here's the synopsis:

    When rumors of the Ghost Girl spread around the city, a high school boy, Max, wants to know the truth. One day, on his way to school, Max watches to men follow a young girl into an alleyway. When she turns around, she holds out her hand and says, "Will you stay with me forever?" The men recognize this phrase as the Ghost Girl's signature scare, and they freak out. "You're the Ghost Girl!" The two men, now lost their will to rob her, run away in fear. She then disappears into the dark of the alleyway. Max could hear the loneliness in her words. He skips school to look for the Ghost Girl, but never could find her during his search. At dusk, he decides to head home. Who he saw at the entrance to his house was none other than the Ghost Girl herself. "Will you stay with me forever?" Made with ComiPo!

    Title Page: