My new house :)

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  1. I recently abandoned my old mega mall in order to focus on a new massive hotel (which you can find the construction details in another thread in the Creation forum :)). After stripping out my old mall, I decided to build myself a nice little house, this time for myself rather than focusing on customer needs!


    Here is my new house, at 8714 on SMP4. 2 floors, with a cellar dedicated to a sugarcane farm/villager trading.


    Here is your first view as you walk through the front doors of my house. A nice double staircase with a sandstone fountain filling the space in-between.


    Here we have the kitchen section of the house, more for practical purposes than looks at the moment, although I will probably throw in a kitchen table etc. later for more details!


    Here we have the living room, with a couch, jukebox, and some MMA on T.V. :p


    Here is the upstairs, double bed, storage chests, some player heads, and on the left side out of sight is a potion brewing area.

    The house also includes a horse stable/fencing in the back, along with the entrance to the cellar. Coming soon will be a pool, a deck, and a few other cool features to spice up the res! If you want to check it out, come to 8714 on SMP4, and while you're there, check out my under construction hotel right behind the spawn to my res! (Hotel also being built my fat_batman and Spontaneous101).
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  2. Cool, very original!
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