My new favorite song...

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  1. Forum said to post anything random here so i did xD

    I was looknig up night core music and found a night-cored song of Dragonfly. I never heard the song before and it is not my new favorite song :)

    listen here:
  2. Im hooked....
    But i prefer Hatsune Miku!
    If you dont know who she is, GOOGLE IT
  3. But thats only if were talking about japenese holograms........
  4. What did I just listen to?
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  5. a freaking awesome song!
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  6. You have been liked sir.
  7. Hooraah!
  8. What the firetruck was that. I'm going to stay with The Beatles for now...
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  9. Beatles FTW. My new favorite song is Rocky Raccoon.
  10. What ya talking about. This is so legit xD
  11. I do not see my seal of approval up there. Sorry, I simply just have NO IDEA what to think of this..
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  12. xD
  13. It's certainly okay, but it's not going to be my favorite song by far. :p
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  14. Heres two songs I like.

  15. First of all, I would like to make the comment that your Death The Kid skin is EPIC.

    Next, I like it, but yeah, it isn't the GREATEST in the world :p But more power to you! I have listened to a good number of songs like this (^_^)

    Finally, I would like to make a suggestion, one of my favorites: Europa by Globus. It is inspired by all of the wars in Europe over the course of history, and has an anime slideshow that relates (I take it you may like anime, since Death The Kid is your skin, etc. So that's why I thought of this song). It's not exactly similar to your video, but its awesome none the less and I can't keep from posting it.... Sorry :p
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  16. Why do I need to school you guys? Here are some of the best songs ever...


  17. xD
  18. Stairway to heaven is awesome. I enjoy that song.

    And thanks Yukon. It took awhile to make it xD
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