My new book - A Scary Story

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  1. I have just written a new book. The title is A Scary Story (Halloween is near) and I would like to see everyone's opinion about it. To read the book, just continue reading my posts :)

    ->I want to buy 29 Book&Quill's, so post your offers here. Thanks :)
  2. If you don't want to read it in game:
    2012-10-19_22.56.40.png 2012-10-19_22.56.41.png 2012-10-19_22.56.43.png 2012-10-19_22.56.44.png 2012-10-19_22.56.45.png 2012-10-19_22.56.46.png
  3. Check the mod Bookz
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  4. Why is the guy saying 'rip off'? :p
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  5. Do you got bookz mod?
  6. I fixed the post, more screenshots here: 2012-10-19_22.56.47.png 2012-10-19_22.56.48.png 2012-10-19_22.56.49.png 2012-10-19_22.56.50.png 2012-10-19_22.56.51.png 2012-10-19_22.56.51_2.png
  7. The last part of the book: 2012-10-19_22.56.52.png 2012-10-19_22.56.53.png 2012-10-19_22.56.54.png 2012-10-19_22.56.55.png 2012-10-19_22.56.56.png 2012-10-19_22.56.57.png 2012-10-19_22.56.58.png
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