My name. Yankees518.

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  1. I just realized how bad my name is. I want a new account, but don't want to purchase one. Should I? I really don't want to lose all that I've done (I can give flags) but is there anway I can give res ownership over?
  2. You won't be able to transfer ownership, as far as I am aware. And if you want a new account you will have to purchase one.
  3. I understand the purchasing part, unless I were to do it illegally. And, thanks for the help, I don't know WHY, but I wasn't sure on this.
  4. If you do it illegal, As soon as you connect to any multi-player server, Mojang have your I.P and can block you from MC
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  5. I know, and I have no idea whatsoever on how to do this. I have seen that once, although it was a friend who did it. He checked the IP, then banned with the reason as "No no nooo"
  6. Beware, now if you get a new account the moderators here will probably check it.. seeing as you openly talked about getting one. Having an illegal account will result in an immediate ban.
  7. Why would one get an illegal account? It's pointless. And, I dunno how to
  8. You can't access a server until this has confirmed back True
  9. That is awesome. Lemme try me now.... TRUE!!!