My name is Thrime

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Forr, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Hiaz! My name is Thrime (duh) and I like to make redstone stuff!
    I'm beast at PvP (doesn't matter though) And I'm making a amusement park at my res (1225) on the server Smp1.
  2. Welcome aboard Thrime. Can't wait to see your amusement park.
  3. Well its not finished yet, I'm still working on my Nethercoaster, but It'll be epic!
    P.S. When i try to connect to an Empire server, its says bad login, Help?
  4. just close and re-open minecraft, if that doesnt work. un-install and re-install minecraft.

    and Welcome to Empire Minecraft. I look forward to seeing you in-game and seeing your amusement park!

    :EDIT: if un-intalling and re-installing it deosnt work, try using a different account on your computer.
  5. Thrime:
    You really, really actually don't neeeed a welcome, but here
    it is; welcome. About the Bad Login; this is guaranteed to work,
    as tshack said, close minecraft, BUT wait 2 minutes or so. When going
    back onto minecraft, if it still says connection error next to the server host name,
    refresh the page, or go back to the title screen and back again. This will
    work, guaranteed. Have you started my UTOPIA building on my res yet?