My moms water broke at 12:24am

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  1. Okay so, my mom turned on the lights during a perfect dream with a certain Someone and then my friend just like lights up and I was like what the fk? My mom is like KOLBY don't talk like that, my water just broke take care of ur brother be back in 4 days with a baby girl and im like Yes! When the lights go off bc I was so tired.
  2. This...

    made so much nonesense to me. I laughed. I really did. In the meantime, I congratulate your family on the new baby!
  3. Say..wut?

    Cos a mother would let their son stay home for 4 days with no adult supervision and FOOD?
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  4. To be fair, according to his user info, he's 19, so he should be able to handle it.
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  5. Ugh that's false info

    I wish I cld change the birthdate I was actually born 1999 I just had the idea I had to be older to play here
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  6. So u lied
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  7. Oh. Well. I was staying home and taking care of my sister at age 8, so you'll probably be ok as long as someone comes home to check on you now and again.
  8. And I can cook REAL food for myself since my parents are very over protecting I can't play M Games till 18 I just started playing T since I'm 13 but I play mw3 w/ friends

    Lol yeah I guess my dad comes home at like 8 everyday at night

    Lol nice I laughed alittle but my dad will be he everyday at like 8 pm

    Thank you guys/girls for the congratulations on the new sister.
  9. Bro their is a thing called the Edit Button
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  10. Sounds fun.
  11. Really omg when did I notice... I can't edit my birthdate already tried it.
  12. I think he meant the multiple posts in a row. Your birthday is not editable. Not a big deal. I'll just remember to subtract 6 years from your age whenever I have to consider it.
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  13. -_- I was taking about editing your posts
  14. Yea I don't know If this will be (fun) or not I have to deal with my mom saying why don't u try to squeez a water melon out of quarter sized hole, when she asks me to do things she say this...

    By saying I'm 13 or my auto correct didn't work?

    Can't focus on the state test tomorrow with this in my mind...

    Okay thanks.
  15. so.. i dont know why.. maybe im bored.. but i decided to demonstrate how to edit your posts.. by editing anywhere in this thread where you double posted (or more) and consolidated them into single posts. that easy. took me 3 minutes to do it to all of them.

    Please use the edit button instead of posting a thousand times.
  16. Uh how exactly? Just copy and paste in 1 quote or copy quotes and send to 3 did ppl

    Is there a way u can change my birthday? I'm actually 13 I put 19 since I thought I had to be older yto play
  17. see like right there.. why would you not just press the edit button and add that? I dont understand.. but no.. i can not change your birthdate or your age.
  18. I merged them... I honestly didn't want to read this post as I thought it was going to be a troll...
    The atrocious spelling and grammar reaffirmed that belief until I read the responses.....
  19. you know whats crazy.. you should have seen the thread before hand.. i merged so many posts XD
  20. I see the deleted posts, insanity....