My Modern home

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  1. Well here it is 4 hours in the making...
    My modern home. It is on SMP3 6202 and features inspiration from keralis.
    I hope you 2012-09-15_13.57.29.png 2012-09-15_13.57.42.png 2012-09-15_13.57.59.png 2012-09-15_13.58.32.png 2012-09-15_13.57.18.png like it. Still being furnished!
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  2. Beautiful. I love modern interior and exterior designing, i'm quite artistic and i love antique displays.
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  3. I have a, well, I guess modern house too.
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  4. THe
    It is cramped but I will see what I can do after playing some tekkit
  5. Looks great! I love keralis, and love modern builds :)
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  6. I love houses that are so simple, compact and just look right. It just looks so calm.
  7. I <3 keralis :)
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  8. Even though I don't like modern houses, I like to have bigger ones, it looks nice! Good work! :)
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  9. I like bigger houses too but they have to be modern. So I like big modern houses.
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  10. I can live with a small house, as my wild homes are pretty small, but they have secret rooms. I don't really care for modern houses, as I said. I like simple houses, but I might TRY to make one.
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  11. Sorry for doing a little bit of hijacking, but could you guys tell me what you think of my new wild home?

    Background extra is Pat2011. :p
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  12. Tan. Very, very tan.
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  13. Birch logs and sandstone are best friends! :D
  14. It is nice
  15. Oh I love Keralis I tried making a house but my Internet was bad and the video kept lagging