My Mob Farm (Help Needed in form of answers)

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  1. dirkjan23 and I recently made this farm above.

    Here is how we made it:
    • Made it above desert
    • went 64 blocks above highest point
    • made the falling platform one above that
    • made the grinder itself 30 above that
    Here are the rates for 10 minutes:

    In vanilla this farm should be getting about 13k items per hour, at this current rate we are getting 606 items and hour. That is no good.
    Anyone know why?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. make it bigger
  3. 1: make sure you get rid of all mob spawning locations for 64 blocks in all directions, or it will be VERY ineffective.
    2 that mob farm is not very efficient, an they have to wait for water to push them to their death
    3: mob spawning is different on emc, rates will be much lower than vanilla in general.
    look up jl2579s tutorial on mob farm efficiency, you will learn alot, and he has a super easy much more productive design. Hope I helped you :)
  4. No mobs can spawn below us. They can only spwn above us. (Because of EMC spawning)
    The video seemed that it was pretty efficient, I know EMC is different, but a 1/13 decreased rate? Doesnt seem right. Hopefully I dont have to scrap this project and start over.