My Mini Market!

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  1. Although small and easily replicated, it's important to remember big things always start from small beginnings, like seeds that grow into mighty oaks or a gorgeous captivating garden.

    I'm here to talk about my mini market, and what I can offer if you'd like to stop by at /v EmpurressRissa on SMP8.

    From left to right I'm currently selling;

    -Beetroot soup at 5 rupees a bowl

    -Mushroom soup at 5 rupees a bowl

    - Sugarcane in bunches of 4 for 10 rupees a bunch

    - White wool in bunches of 4 for 20 rupees a bunch

    - Cakes for 10 rupees per cake

    This is all I have to offer at this moment in time, but like I said, my basic market may or may not grow into a big business, it may just remain as it is, while still benefiting those who stop by.

    The future isn't set in stone. *shrugs*

    Regardless if you do decide to stop by and shop, I hope you have a pleasant time :)
  2. I now sell cocoa beans, hay bales, prismarine crystals, and bonemeal.

    If you want potions, I have a shop but it's a little hidden. Just follow the road near the entrance to my res and you'll find my potion shop.
  3. I no longer sell soups, but I now sell Purpur blocks for 200 rupees a stack.

    Before they were 200 rupees a stack, they were 450 a stack, and I was told that price was too high, therefore I lowered it... judging by the "omg" I received in response, it appears the individual disagrees with my price.

    We all have our opinions on what should sell for what, but please know I have consulted the Azoundria tool to decide what prices are best. I'm not trying to scam anybody.

    Other shops sell Purpur blocks for much higher prices, so I decided to sell them for cheaper.
    I'd just like to make a profit for what I've made, that's all.

    Regardless, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.
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