my minecraft server, smp 6, says im loged on even though i have restarted my computer twice, help?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by jbondboy, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. i had a chest glitch where i couldent open chests, so i logged off to fix it, my server wont connect to me and the empire site says im still logged on to the server, anyone help?
  2. I'm having the same issue
  3. all i know is that the server crashed and now i am stuck saying that i am in the server. and i wnet on my other account and it says everone is still in the server even me and i was checking on smp8 and i typed /who smp6
  4. I will kick you. Please stand by.

    Edit: I think smp6 is having issues. I can't seem to kick you, but I'll see if I can summon help!
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  5. thanks, but i am sure that wont help very much, i am sure the sever has to be rebooted to help solve the problem, what i am sure it was is a crash from the 1.4.5 update like as in one of the bugs in the server release.
  6. Ok thank you Margie . I thought I was stuck on smp6 log in for good.
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  7. This issue is caused by (What I have concluded to be the reason anyway) the chest lag, the chest won't open, so you log off and try to log back in. Because the chest did not open and you signed off, I believe the server "saved" a copy of you because the chest was lagging and it wouldn't open, so that is why it probably said you were already logged in. This may also be the answer to why Margaritte couldn't kick you because you weren't on the EMC servers, it was just a "saved ghost" of your player. Hope this helped explain! :)
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  8. Server Reboot should fix it
  9. Possibly...