My Mine Got Dismantled!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Historian101, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hey anyone on smp2 find a cobblestone hut in the tundra with a hole going down with a room that had a corridor going in 5 directions with a crafting bench,furnace, and chest at the entrance? If so that was my mine and can you please not do that again because i have business there and i don't think workers would like to lose their stuff and ghave to rebuild the mine each time they came.
  2. I truly do feel for you. Do you have a residence in the town? You can build safely there without allowing people you don't trust to ruin it. I wish it were possible for us to be able to monitor the entire world, but obviously that's impossible, which is why we did setup the Town that way.
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  3. I am very sorry about this griefers are a shame to our server. Might I reccomend to hide the chest in somewhere only knew by the workers. if it is well hidden and chest are still griefed then you will know it is one of your own workers doing the griefing. if you also hide the entrance but with a refrence point to remember its location. I would also like to reccomend that you head over there and then get on the live map. hide the locations and then get the coordinates to remember it by. if you install the mod "Reis minimap" then you can set waypoints so you wont even have to remember the coords. your minimap will point you in the correct direction. the mod can be downloaded here for help on installing and more I will be glad to help
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  4. Thanks but it will make me paranoid and might want a guard for the chest and then i'l be paranoid about them
  5. I am sorry just make sure you realy trust your workers and be kind to them or they most likely will greif the mind. only give this location to people you trust and you may wont to make a private mine just for yourself aswell. the chest guard probbaly wont be needed aslonga s you hide it somewhere unsespecting like under a block
  6. Thanks, a worker i know, Minerwarrior9000, can help by checking on it every once in a while and i'l pay him extra
  7. Yes. I ALWAYS do this when I build out in the wilderness. Being prepared for the worst is very important. It may seem a pessimistic view, but when I'm griefed, I can rebuild quicker than people who've not taken this precaution.