My Mincraft tried to update today.

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by nmanley, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I bypassed the update so as to not hinder me on the Empire servers.
    Anyone know what the update is about?

  2. thats odd. i didn't get an update?

    you don't use spoutcraft or something do you?
  3. No I haven't. Is that what lets you have more than one minecraft.jar file working?
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  4. yeah i think it can do that. i just mentioned it because they release seperate (compatible) builds, and thought it might have been spoutcraft updating.
  5. What might of happened is your .jar became corrupt and minecraft saw it as an old .jar, it probably gave you the option to update because of this :)
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  6. Sounds plausible.
  7. Great.... I just got kicked for idling too long. I'm working my XP farm and it's not like I can move around more than 5 to 7 blocks! :p

    P.S. ... I was also posting to the forum so that might have got me too. hahaha
  8. yeah the idle system is a bit wonky. i got kicked yesterday while fighting blazes at a blaze spawner, because i keep running back to the same block after they die. apparently it checks what block you're on, and if you're standing on the same block after a time it kicks you (or something like that) under the impression you haven't moved, although you might have moved and come back.
  9. How long is the idle kick system because ive never been kicked for idling.
  10. LOL yeah, this happened to me a couple of times... in the middle of a fight with 20 or so zombies and suddenly I was kicked for idling. :p
  11. That makes sense but a paying member should never get kicked by the system. :p