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  1. This is my Nether Brick Mein Manor. Im still furnishing it but i think it looks pretty beast. see for yourself!

    1. This is my room, I'm gonna put a master bed and some more appliances
    2. This is the Piston door, build by my redstone guy
    3. That's the guest area, there, with a jukebox (couches will be added soon; Wood or cobble?)
    4. Thats the storage area, it will be bigger, r05t owns a spot and storage is 500r for 10 chests total
    5. Theres going to be Sheep in that side, and on the other, a mooshroom and a cow

    2012-03-04_11.41.06.png 2012-03-04_11.39.50.png 2012-03-04_11.41.41.png 2012-03-04_11.42.07.png 2012-03-04_11.42.12.png

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  2. I can now see the stuff
  3. Are you using imgur?
  4. True that might be the problem or not.
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  6. Yes sir!
  7. Did you get all of that MEINCRAVTA ?
  8. Lol he hasn't responded....
  9. He might be off the forums now.
  10. no I'm just inserting the link

    EDIT: Im gonna put pictures in, can a mod delete the rest of the replies once they come up?
  11. Hey if you like nether brick creations you have to check out my res it is made out of all nether brick, end stone, soul sand, and glowstone ;) my res is 8017 on smp4