My lot isn't safe. :/

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  1. I have finally finished my dojo. Yes. I get off for 30 minutes and I get back, Its COVERED in chickens, and some random is sitting there saying in chat "lolololololololol" "trolololololol" "oh yea" "goodbye" like its funny what he did..
    This kind of thing NEEDS to stop. I see it at the spawns on all the servers but on my lot it was awful. Please remove the ability for players to spam your lot with chickens. PLEASE.
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  2. I guess it's like egging IRL, though if chickens popped out of eggs like that IRL that would be awkward o.o
  3. I just got it cleaned up. 3 stacks of chicken spawn eggs..
  4. Did you get his name? Because he can be banned for griefing. It is illegal to spam chickens like that!
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  5. Someone egged the Town spawn on smp7, we had to drown about 500 chickens. Theirs was 800 total, theirs actually some left.
  6. Ziggy something. I reported him and I have a picture of the chat when i said "What is THIS?" and he said "lolololololol" "trololololol"
    But it isn't about him doing it! Its about how anyone can do this while your not on and you can't stop it. Something should be done!
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  7. /res set chicken eggs false
    They should make that a command...
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  8. YES! Yes yes yes yes yes. omg yes! We should make a movement for this command. :)
  9. but what about the chicken farms....
    How about..
    /res set chicken egg SPAWNING false
    maybe that will work?
  10. Well if you want a chicken farm don't use the command. But seriously. Who wants a chicken farm?
    I prefer to make pig farms and torture them. >;)
  11. :eek:
    I thought we was friends! Your torturing my brothers and sisters!
    Meh, i didn't like them anyway...
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