My little project thats going on :)

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  1. finally i actually decided to start my long awaited (not in minecraft) minecraft project!
    its gonna be a video of steve, washed up on a shore, going through his life. its gonna be an animation made in blender, and i will try to make it dramatic. no voices at all. i am using vmComix's steve rig, and thats pretty much it right now since i dont want to reveal any more.
    EDIT (actually not an edit but for dramatic effect since i still havent published this): i finished the final scene yesterday, its all going to take place on a beach with a mountain. i had to make all of it my self since i didnt want to try to find a perfect beach. i used the seed '4' for the beach. this took a while. give me VERY VERY VERY constructive criticism. i need it. they will be attached. i will edit them as they are needed for the story, and make many copies. maybe one with the cave slightly turned into a house, then steve with a farm, then steve on his dying bed with his cat/dog smiling as he dies. well there goes the plot.
    EDIT: photos are apparently too large for EMC, so they will loose a lot of quality. sorry folks.
    EDIT: also the photos are apparently getting an error, so ill just uploda them to imgur and you can click a link. sorry!

    but also a problem that i have is when i try to render the scene in blender (i used mineways to convert) the mesh for the terrain looks very dull. if anyone knows how to fix this in blender or with options, please reply.
    also if you make a really good suggestion i will put you in the credits! this will be a 10+ minute production!
    Suggestion donors!
    none yet! suggest below!
    picture links:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16!
  2. Sweet! Sounds cool!
  3. Awesome, i thought the images were going to be of the actual rendered/prerendered scene
  4. Looking forward to your project!
  5. sounds allot like the song
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  6. ? theres no song... probably completely silent, aside from c418 music.
  7. But, will it blend? xD
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  8. In the end, after his life has flashed before his eyes, have a creeper hug him, then it expands, and right before it blows up it ends and shows credits :)
  9. actually since im using a very smooth model of steve that i did not make, it would be hard to make a creeper the same quality, so he's playing without mobs :)
    but a spoiler will be that there will be a scene similar to castaway where he is on a cliff and thinks about suicide, but then im gonna change it. maybe he falls into water, or a tree, im not sure, but he will live. also he will die in his cave as an old man, with maybe a dog. that i would be willing to model.
    i might as well say the plot so you guys can suggest things to change it.
  10. note that the plot in its current state is not the final product. make suggestions!
    steve wakes up on an island, looks disoriented, and thats pretty much that, then he finds a sword in the sand, fades out, fades in of him cutting down a tree, fades out, fades in on steve finding the cave and builds in it a bit. then it pans to the wall of the cave where there are chalk markings that steve made of the days he has been there. then shows steve fishing by the shore, no fish caught. he hears a bark, grabs a bone from nowhere (dont ask) and gives it to the dog. then the wall flashes again, showing about 50 days in markings. steve is on top of the cliff tying a rope to the large tree. he falls, but the rope snaps and he lands in a tree.
    then i dont know what else to do.
    then the end shows steve, outside, eating a shroom stew (might change), staring at the sunset. then he walks into his cave, lays on his bed, and with his dog on the floor sleeping, he smiles, then one can assume he dies, but the vid will be over.
    i need filler!
  11. can we see a unfinished version?
  12. psh at this stage its only blender files, a world that im waiting to convert until i feel that its perfect, and a crappy plot written in notepad :p
    and it where semi-done right now none of the fine-tuned animations would be done, so it would just be steve floating around standing like a T. also it would be crap.
  13. I meant your story board reminded me of that song xD but I hope it goes well :D
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  14. Your plot reminds me of ( I mean this in a good way ).
  15. psh dont think that the quality will look as good as that art! taht stuff is amazing!
  16. thanks :D
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  17. wow that site looks cool but 1. you need to pay 2. i don't use euros 3. my signature is full
  18. What? It is a free web comic...
  19. i saw a place where you could pay for cool art for you're skin
  20. Can't wait to see it :D
    Paypal usually gives the USD conversion of Euros I believe.