My little creative project.

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  1. So I made is my redstone testing world today, I call the Chicken Archery Range. 2012-08-08_23.57.47.png 2012-08-08_23.57.50.png 2012-08-08_23.58.42.png 2012-08-08_23.58.14.png
  2. I can't really tell what it does. Can you explain it please?
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  3. Or post a video?
    Pretty confused.
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  4. From what I gather, it drops chickens down and you attempt to hit them with bow and arrow while they are falling? Kind of like shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun? Or am I completely off here?
  5. Ive seen one of these before, and yeah, I think you grasped the idea pretty well.
  6. Ilostmyshorts is right, You walk onto the pressure plates wich sends a redstone signal to the dispensers and it pops out a chicken.