My Let's plays of random Indie Horror games! (One or Two episodes)

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  1. This thread will be for indie games that i will only play once or twice :)
    Also, feel free to suggest any indie horror games that you like, but it must be 100% FREE
    Oh, and no TF2 :(
  2. Bump!
    Uploading in a few hours :)
  3. Alright, here is a video!! :D
  4. So... nothing happens?
    Also, I recommend "Bwak". It's not a very long game, so I suggest you record your first playthrough without reading about how to play it. Here's a page where you can download it:
  5. I think my browser broke :/
    I saw Markiplier play it, but i'll play it anyway! :D
    And here's another video:
  6. More videos tomorrow! :D
    Also, there will most likely be no videos on wednesday until summer hits because i have AWANA
  7. So, i just uploaded a video, and it is a tutoral on how to use hypercam 2:

    I'll also post a video of me playing the house.
    TIP: While watching me play the house, get ready for JUMPSCARES D:
  8. Here is The house :)
  9. Uploading Bawk! :D
  10. The House two :)
    Exmortis next
  11. I don't get this.
  12. Me neither xD
    I had fun playing it, i admit
  13. i've changed my mind on TF2 :)
    Here is Exmortis: (And sorry if it is double posted, idk what's causing that)
  14. Please subscribe to my channel for more videos; it's reallu difficult to come to the fourms and post videos