My latest TP - Dreadfleet Textures

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  1. After working a lot, I've finished this texture pack for my Dreadfleet project. Everything has been modified to look pirate-ish and, I have to say, it looks awesome:
    2012-11-28_21.24.44.png 2012-11-28_21.32.54.png 2012-11-28_21.22.47.png 2012-11-28_21.23.13.png 2012-11-28_21.24.07.png 2012-11-26_14.57.33.png 2012-11-26_14.57.43.png 2012-11-26_14.34.56.png 2012-11-26_14.35.16.png 2012-11-26_14.35.21.png 2012-11-26_14.36.23.png 2012-11-26_14.36.56.png 2012-11-26_14.37.04.png 2012-11-26_14.37.06.png 2012-11-26_14.57.29.png 2012-11-26_14.57.31.png
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  2. To me this looks like Painterly.
  3. *Modified* by Chascarrillo
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