My l33t Post count :D

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by MR2R2M, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Just thought I would share an image of my l33t posting count :D

    Right next is catching up to Justin ;)
  2. its photoshopped obviously.
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  3. .... no.
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  4. So you are part of his conspiracy?
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  5. .... no
  6. Its not very nice to lie. :/
  7. Are you a troll? xD
  8. I like cake.
  9. Probably just drunk with her sister again XD
  10. I see trolls, but no forest or huts, only a useless forum...
  11. .... no
    last one
  12. MR2, you can't just go and use 1337 when you had a massive brain fart yesterday and went "What's 1337?" on Skype! Ahahaha.

    Iz cuz we iz 1337..
    [15/02/12 4:05:10 PM] Richard Maher: What does it mean?
    [15/02/12 4:05:15 PM] Hayley Colgan: YOU NOOB
    [15/02/12 4:05:18 PM] Hayley Colgan: 1337
    [15/02/12 4:05:21 PM] Hayley Colgan: leet
    [15/02/12 4:05:22 PM] Richard Maher: ?

  13. Yeah listen to ISmooch :S
  14. MR2R2M has lost all his internets that he won prior.
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  15. Omg....
  16. That's only a 42% post/like ratio, though. Nothing to brag about.

    Sure I only have 28 posts, but I have a whopping 75% P/L ratio.
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  17. It's the year that the Hundred Years War started. Everyone knows that.
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