My IP is flagged?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by FooHundred, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. I just tried logging on to SMP3 and got the message:


    Disconnected by server

    Your IP address is flagged as unsafe by


    I have no idea why i got this message and the last time this IP was on EMC was when my gf lillithfoo logged in to SMP3 last night.

  2. From what I gather from the other 30 forums posts about this you either use 3g, you may have an infected PC and need to scan and remove threats, you need to contact your ISP or spamhaus.
  3. Spamhaus is a site that checks all your emails you send to see if there spam, If it thinks an email to your grandma's spam it'll block you, To appeal it go to

    and then go to the Blocklist removal centre

    It'll ask for your IP

    put that in and appeal it, You'll have to wait about a week for them to unblock you.
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  4. Thanks for the help, apparently i'm infected with a grum spambot :confused:
  5. a what?
  6. Doesn't mean you are, Means someone in your town is.
  7. REALLY!!
  8. Yes
  9. Grum is a pesky spam botnet as it has a tendency to infect files referenced by autorun registries. Due to its kernel-based rootkit characteristics, it is capable of hiding component files as well as legitimate windows system files, hence the difficulty of its detection and removal. Grum usually concentrates on pharmaceutical spam. A wide range of spamming templates change often, served up by multiple different web servers.

    Is what I found online. Basically sounds like one of those spammy things in email that offer the "FREE MALE INAHANCEMENT!" "FreE DiEt PiLls" and all the other crazy pharmaceutical spam you get.
  10. i cant get a virus MAC = FTS!! CHROMEBOOK FTW!!

    dont ask what FTS means!!
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  11. LOL XD
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