My Introduction.

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  1. Dearest Empire,

    I would first, and utmost like to introduce myself to this astounding server and the people that play as well. I am FaustLauncher (Faust), I have been gaming for a while, varying from MMO's to First Person Shooter. I have CSS, and am (was) an avid user of CounterStrike-Source. Gaming is a hobby for me, and it allows me to enjoy my time at my own pace. I do not hold grudges nor will I against anyone while playing gaming, I love to play for the fun of it, and enjoy. I try not to get involved in drama while gaming. Anyways enough with the boring "blah blah.. blah" talk. I been playing here for a few weeks and wanted to have a formal 'Hello'.

    I hope to see many and meet new people :)

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  2. Welcome to the empire.
  3. o Hai! I've met you a couple of times