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  1. Hello EMC!

    My name is Depayy, I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia and I'm new here! I am currently studying economics at my university and I'm really enjoying it. My favourite sport is football and my favourite player is Depay as you can probably tell from my name.

    My friend told me about this server after I expressed my interest in Minecraft and he told me it has a great economy with really no problems, so I thought I'd give it a go and I bought and well here I am now!

    I've taken res 8556 on SMP4 and it's in a good little spot. My goals are to make new friends, start trading possibly in promos as I've done a lot of investigating and know about most of them and what they sell for, possibly start a pawn shop however I hear that loans aren't allowed which is a bit of a set back.

    Anyway, if you've read to this point I congratulate you because I know this must have been pretty boring to read :p If anyone ever needs help with anything I'm more than willing to lend a hand so don't hesitate to message me!

  2. Welcome to the Empire Depayy! If you ever need any help then feel free to message me also, I hope that you enjoy your time here :)
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  3. Welcome to emc! Hope you are enjoying yourself here as much as I am :)
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  4. Welcome Depayy to to the Empire. I hope you have a great time.
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  5. Thanks guys!
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  7. Welcome! Football is my favourite sport aswell ^-^ I support Chelsea though :D Hope you enjoy it here
    P.S If your not ready for the wacky world dont go to smp7 or smp8 :)
  8. I support chelsea too!
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  9. Hi Depayy and welcome to the Empire. Hope you enjoy your stay. :)
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  10. Well my first day is complete and after a bit of trading I've earnt 35k so far! Thanks to everyone who has made EMC enjoyable for me!
  11. Why edit your post? =P

    Anyways, Welcome to the Empire Depayy. :D