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  1. I've been a member of EMC for a long time now, but I never made an introduction. I've decided to make one now, because it is the offspring of my boredom.

    On February 8th, 4th period, split-lesson before lunch, in Creative Learning, my friend of 3 months in High School asked me if I wanted to play with him on Minecraft. I immediately said yes, and he told me to go to Empire
    This was back when there was a 'recommended server' annotation-like thing at the top of the website, where the advertisement is now, so he told me to go to '' and not smp5.

    I logged on after 30 minutes of trying to (server was FULL all the time back then), and he was in the wild, so it was another 20 minutes of waiting for him. We fooled around in his res, he gave me some more items to start off with, and took me to a residence 2 residences away from his. I built a basic house, and we went back to his res.

    My first kick happened, I logged back on, and after a few minutes of arguing with d1223m me & my friend set off into the wilderness. We went to his base, and then somebody called 'Craftwise' (he's now banned) followed us without permission. My friend's base was mysteriously griefed when we logged off.
    Next day, we made a new base together. It was a few hundred blocks away from spawn, over the sea that was once there, and we made alot of progress that day.
    On February 11th AlexHallon appeared out of nowhere, scared me at first, but my friend re-assured me that he wasn't a griefer, that he was his friend. We went spelunking and made a farm.
    Feb 12th, and we were griefed twice. The second time somebody tried to subject blame to CraftWise, and Alex made a thread about it the next day.

    It was on February 12th I made my first forum post. It was a suggestion for more player slots. SWM came to us with some smartass reply, edited it, and Twitch came in. I thought some 11 year old thoughts about him, but he is one of the nicest people i've ever met.

    Wild reset, me being a towny for a few days, joining TES, and then it shut down a few days later because of a mass griefing.
    A few days later I became supporter.
    About a month after that, the player slots were never full again and I had no iron supporter anymore.

    Beginning of April, I made a wilderness group.
    I wasn't really active on the forums until April, when my internet connection was turned off because my parent's couldn't afford the bill. I was using a crap USB, and I became hooked on the forums.
    I was inspired to make the Creation Station after seeing the EMC Shop Database, and started a PM with Justin.
    Jump to May, I turned 12, became much more mature, I became an active member, announced the Creation Station, met JackBiggin, merged the Creation Station with the EMC Wiki, and became a much more helpful member. I also earned the punctuational, spelling, and grammatical skills I have now.

    I became a well-known member in August, Joined the LLO, I am now an iron supporter (and soon will be gold) again as of October 9th, and me & Jack will be launching Creation Station beta testing soon.

    I hope this wall of text didn't bore you as much as I think it did :p
  2. Very cool :D
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  3. EDIT: Got Yank'd

    Jello! How's it going!
  4. Sounds about right.
  5. Welcome to EmpireMinecraft SoulPunisher. I hope to see you around.
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  6. Very, very fascinating story :D
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  7. SWM is banned for trolling, no wonder :p I still miss those witty replies, though...
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  8. I signed up in February and i'm one of the top-posting members in EMC...
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  9. Thinking of doing one of these when i get to my dads.
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  10. I'm not retarded i know that. It was in a joking way.
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  11. Spelunking :p
    Its a funny word.
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  12. Spelunking.
  13. S-S-S-Spelunking
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