My Introduction :)

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  1. Hi im GabDuke, call me Gab. Im a 31 year old Minecraft "junkie" who loves to make great creations and redstone puzzles. My son told me about Minecraft and I played it some times then I bought myself an account and I immediatly became addicted to the game! I hope to bring new shops and houses to this server whit some of my building skills, since im studying in architecture right now, I hope I can bring you the finest structure!

  2. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  3. Welcome to the empire!!
  4. Welcome to EMC! :)

    I've met you in-game and you seem like a really nice person! :) I never actually realised you were new.
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  5. Thanks everybody! espicially JackBiggin =)
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  6. Welcome to the empire! :)