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  1. Realized after 633 days of being in this amazing community I never made an introduction thread... So then I decided well, why say what I want to say about myself :p Let's have the community ask what they want :D! So Ask me any question and you will get an answer sooner or later.
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  2. Congrats on 633 days ted and welcome to the Empire. ;)
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  3. How about a bump?
  4. Woo, Congratz Ted! :D

    Question: What is your favourite type of meat, and how do you like your steak? :)
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  5. Congrats Ted :D

    What is your favorite AMV? :]
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  7. What's your favourite promo or other special item on EMC? :D
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  8. Maxaraian Shoes :3
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  9. Grats! What... is your name? What... is your quest? What... is the capital of Assyria? hehe
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  10. Ted, what do find that do (or did) well at in school and why do you think you preform well in the particular area(s) (You don't have to say the actual grades you got by letter and/or percentage)?
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  11. Name: Darian Quest: To have fun here :D! Capitals: Assur and Nineveh (Thank you google)

    My best subject is math, and that has gone on through my Dad's side of the family for generations.
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  12. I tend to preform well in mathematics too, but I believe that could change in 2015!
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