My Intraduction Post (1956)

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  1. Hi My gamer tag is firefox1154 my res number id 1956 and i am a small mall/shop. I am a sell and buy shop if i sell it i buy it so come to 1956 on smp1 and sell or buy your materials! you community shop!;)
  2. Hello and welcome to the Empire! Always nice to meet a new friendly face!
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  3. Welcome to the Empire :)
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  4. Welcome to EMC! Always love to see a supporter of Firefox. :p Unless you're secretly a Google Chrome user in disguise...
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  5. no im a firefox user <3 it
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  6. and i have been playing 160 days but i resently moved to smp1 and i am now just makeing a forum about it :p
  7. Welcome!
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