My internet speed.

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  1. Way back in April, we couldn't afford the bill for the internet. In may we were supposed to get it back but the router was broken, so we had to buy a new one. That router was really fast. It was 50% better than most of GB. The new router is supposedly better.

    Sky, I have proven you wrong.
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  2. You should use VirginMedia - This is at Peak hours and I still get above what I'm supposed to be getting :)

  3. I'm using someone else's Internet, at my sisters house. But I have Optimum Online. B- generally.
  4. My mum was thinking of getting Virgin Media but they wouldn't let us have it. We've had them before and because we cancelled the subscription they won't let us have it back unless we have £1,300 to spare.
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  5. If you cancelled you don't owe them anything.
  6. I just asked my mum. Apparently we owe them about £1000 from when we were with them even though we don't.
  7. Is that good?
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  8. If your sure you don't contact a financial ombudsman - They should be able to help you settle it with Virgin.