My house has been griefed and No one has rights. Help?

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  1. My lot on smp9 has been griefed. No one had rights. All of my chests of dimonds are gone, and my house has bits and pieces taken out of it, so its not like my lot was reset. Please help!
  2. Either everyone is going to get griefed because permissions are broken, or you gave them to someone and forgot.
  3. you can type something like

    /res info

    to see who has perms.
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  4. I've just looked at your perms, No one has perms, Did you do /res default?
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  5. See if we can get the moderators to check see if you logged in from a different IP at any point.
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  6. Then everyone will get griefed because permissions must be broken.
  7. I think it is more likely someone else has been on his account.
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  8. I am assuming this is because Jade has no Anti-virus, I've got her to download Avast! and run a scan, I'm assuming she's got a keylogger. or something similar.
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  9. 1st of all.. Being on the Interetz without a firewall? OR antivirus.. That's like internet suicide! Kinda like insulting SWM and she casts a spell on you D:
  10. It could be they did give someone perms( then reset perms and denied ever doing it), could've done it themselves, could be that perms be breaking up, or the least likely someone logged onto their account( wonder what other info they could've had access to during this time) to grief their EMC lot and nothing else.
  11. It really isn't that hard to avoid getting viruses in the first place.
  12. I look at it this way... You don't go to the physician to get an immunization for every single possible disease out there... it just isn't possible. So what's the point of running an AV that's probably not going to catch anything anyway? Besides, the major companies release fixes for any major virus anyway.

    Of course, I'm not the "standard" user either...
  13. It'll catch ALOT more then no antivirus at all, Most viruses never get patched.
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  14. I went to your res and took a look at it. It doesn't look at all like a greifer was there.... It looked more like there had been a big fire. It looked like it used to be a nice big wooden house from what was left. Just saying, greifers don't leave behind trails like that, fires do. Look at this: ""
  15. The antivirus programs get spoofed a lot too. I mean, they detect things that are not harmful continually. And, combined with the resources it uses, I don't use it. Generally, I know why I've caught a virus... usually doing something I shouldn't be.
  16. I hate to be this guy. But all your CHESTS of DIAMONDS are gone? How many diamonds did you have exactly? I mean, I purposely buy diamonds and store them, why exactly do you have chests of diamonds? I smell a fish.
  17. I've seen several people who put a fire down and forget about the firespread flag recently.
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  18. Why do you buy and store them?
  19. Because I like diamonds!!! I don't think they will go down in value since they are limited in number, and they make an excellent material for floors. (3879 on SMP2)