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  1. Riding the horse is very fast, but I lose him in the water. Keep a lead handy. 2013-06-27_04.40.14.png
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  2. Pony! Whats his name?
    I'mm name mine Jamie! Like. Hi-me.
    He gon be a white pony with gold armor. Imma make it hapen >:D
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  3. Ima nickname your pony timothy
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  4. Timothy!
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  5. Can't wait for horses, I can finally get leather!
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  6. *Downvote* :D
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  7. What? I can't kill cows so I have to wait for horses.
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  8. Horses drop stuff, leather?
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  9. yup leather :D
  10. Poor pony will be Timothy. lol...i like it. I gotta figure out the name tag things now.
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  11. Idea: Every horse gets a different name so there are no copycats :p
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  12. But I wanted mine to be Timmy jr. Named after me :(
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  13. Mine shall be Minimoose and gir anyone who steals shall be copyrighted 1000 rupees xD
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  14. You mean fined? Sued?
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  15. LOL...horses are awesome! Have any of you guys played with the pre-release yet?
  16. Ima have at least one horse named Hoof Hearted...say that fast a few
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