My horse was on a lead and now ... gone!

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  1. Hi-

    As recommended I haven't used my horse I got today. However I did attach it to a lead at a friends residence (/v 12064 on smp6). Next time I logged in both the horse, saddle and lead were gone. No sign of em. Could someone have stolen it? How can it get off the lead?

  2. I've had a similar problem; often, when I log on, all the leads on my residences drop. I think sometimes the actual lead item can be picked up again.
    It's likely your horse just wandered off. Search the area around your residence.
  3. I have had this thing happen to me way too much times I have told 2 staff and aikar him self about it
  4. been searchin low n high for hours. horsey is gone.
  5. I assume you've tried this, but did you look at your own residence? They normally teleport back home after 5 minutes.
  6. yes. looked all over my res. freind's res. many many res.
  7. i'm happy to go into the wild to get my own horse, but i haven't seen a single one out there and i've been looking a lot. anyone else see any wild horses? how to i find em?
  8. I type /waste, then go search the Planes bioms (F3 shows biom), and I use a stick to egg horses for 100r each.
    You can vote to earn 1100r each day.
  9. I've noticed that leads break after a few hours I've placed mules donkeys and horse son leads in the waste/wild and the leads break off thankfully they don't wander but they still could.
  10. It might be wise to keep all horses in a fenced-off area for the time being.
  11. i would keep the horses in a pen, i've also seen that when you put them on a lead, attach them to a post and sign off... and then sign back on the lead is invisible, but if you click the post it pops back and drops.
    .. but, keeping horsies in a pen on your own res, is the best thing you can do.

    if you come to my res, on smp1 i can give you one of your choosing. :)
  12. my horsey came back! crisis over. guess he just wanted to wander around for a day before coming home.
    lesson learned: don't put your horse on a lead at a friend's res!

    thanks everyone for trying to help me with this.
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