My horse is gone

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  1. Hey all! I have a problem.
    I was at someone's res and I got off my horse, assuming it'd go back to my res after five minutes. After a while, I disconnected and my router was turned off. After an hour or two I came back. I waited waaay more than five minutes, but to no avail. My horse wasn't back. I searched my res raw, but no luck. I went to other reses where I was admin, no luck there either. I went back to the res where I left, not there either.
    Now, ordinarily I wouldn't care as much but my horse had on gold horse armor. Which cost me 1,500. No small sum. Any tips or help?!
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  2. That's about one day of voting...
  3. I would try /stable summon. It may of accidently gone into your stable because if the horse has never been to your res it will automatically go into your stable.
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