My growing village!! :D

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  1. I am currently doing a community creation at 2201 were building a village together. I'm keeping to the sandstonone paths and glow stone lamps like the paths in the server, our resedents are ranger10178 ,shooter00, gladis, krusty_8 , wowplayer2 and his friend obviously me newo88, penguinmarcher, sirwilf to name some. I am really just posting this to thank everybody who has contributed so far wowplayer2 for the exelent hotel and ranger10178 for his exelent historic town Walls under construction. Our number is 2201 we have a shop which is still developing. If you wish to own some land and join us post here or tell gladis, ranger10178, sirwilf, penguinmarcher or me newo88. Come and have a look around at 2201!!! :D
  2. sounds cool! could i join maybe at some point? of course i wouldstill visit my off-site mansion and such, but it would be great to get that old minecraft community feeling.
  3. Of corse tell me your minecraft name and I'll flag you and get you a plot of land!
  4. ok my IGN is imBobertRobert
    its the same as ----------\
  5. hey, can i have a lot of land? I think this is a very good idea,i have always wanted to be part of a minecraft village. I have never greifed ( im the kind of person who likes to fix greifed buildings, too) and i am not going to start now. I would love to help in this project. my IGN is tshack235 , just like my username on here
  6. Ok I'll make a divided off bit of land and put a sign down just look for were it is! I can't so it right now but in a couple of hours!
  7. ok thans, im getting on right now
  8. There's a new addition to the village we are now partnered to penguinmarcher at 1997
  9. Umm you can build were the mushroom farm is above it got abandoned by its old owne never been but on ask Gaddis or penguinmarcher f u need help
  10. Sorry I ment it's on owner never built anything on it
  11. I haven't flagged u yet ask penguinmarcher to build on his!
  12. You can edit your previous post if you forgot something :)
  13. Oh right ok thanks Justin :D
  14. keep up the good work my friend! ;)
  15. So which, plot do i build on now?
  16. i saw it it was AWESOME i love it and would like to join
  17. Yes you can Join I need to set all of the flags this after noon and find all my empty places to build on!
  18. I have just added a new wooden roalor coster
  19. do i have the flag set yet?
  20. what server because i want to help