"My grinder"

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  1. This is just feeding off the other thread created about a grinder. Mine is not as fancy, but gets the job done.

    I made the grinder, Derek_fawns made it nice looking inside lol
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  2. I'm pretty good at grinding.
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  3. Why are the zombies not attacking you? I had tried a drop grinder before. It was too inconsistent. One skeleton every 5 min. They are neat when they work.
  4. I think i should upload my QCS grinder ;)
    quad cave spider grinder XD
  5. Throw a splash potion
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  6. Was just them glitching out, they were all actually in one spot
  7. I understand. Using both spawners how long do you think it takes you to get to level 50?
  8. never watched it. Maybe 45-50min? could be less. not too sure.
  9. Super cool
  10. hey can u show me where this spawner is i would be willing to pay a price of less than 1k and trust me im not a greifer