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    SMP4 east outpost

    Hi, wilderness is going to reset soon and I wanted to share with all of you our grinder (mine and my cousin's) quite a while.. now I have the chance to do so :)

    Our grinder is mostly made out of 3 spawners, and 1 spawner as a 'bonus' since it doesn't do the job well. I didn't make a tunnel from the 4th spawner to the smasher due to laziness.
    The spawners are located in perfect position from each other, not to close not to far, tunnels could be placed without any difficulties, no traffic jam in the tunnels, it's almost as someone placed them for us.
    With that link you can calculate how many mobs you killed, I was level 17 before, and after 13 minutes I was level 35. Which is really cool.

    Please share pictures of your grinder and tell how much mobs you get in 15 minutes! try getting results when server isn't laggy, to many people lag the server, lagging server wouldn't allow you to get clean results.

    Like my new 22-33 hair? :D

    I made a video as well
  2. I got from 1 to 22 in 10 mins :) its a Delta Team only xp grinder made by two buds (infiniteloop and nmanley)
  3. Afk coasters aren't allowed :)
  4. You got a smasher to work?! Is it really buggy, and did it take a lot of tweaking to get working properly? Very impressive :)
  5. It actually works quite well, it isn't buggy and I got it in the first try :)
  6. How do i become a delta member
  7. Ask a delta member in private.
  8. Spaskiba, Very nice setup you and your cousin have. :)

    I must give infininteLoop the credit with our crusher system. He has the timing down and can build one FAST! I believe he will make one for most any one for a reasonable fee and he is trustworthy about your location.
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  9. nice i made my self a skele xp grinder i also have 2 others but ther zombie spawners. 2012-02-29_21.10.12.png 2012-02-29_21.10.24.png
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  10. post cordinnates what server it on
  11. How do i make a good grinder btw?
  12. Search for tutorials on youtube.
  13. i wont greif grinders they are works of art
  14. Maybe you won't, but how do we know someone else won't get the information, even if you are told in PM? Spaskiba's grinder is very clearly private, for his and a friend's eyes only, but he is letting everyone see pictures of it before he destroys it due to the upcoming reset. (at least that is my understanding).
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  15. i gues thats ok
  16. I'm giving the coords for the grinder, wilderness is going to reset soon use it if you want
    East outpost
  17. oh its smp4 i only go on smp3
  18. My grinder is on utopia. if anyone wanna go :D
    entrance coord x -55 z 1652
    here some pics. :D

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