My Grass Wont Grow!

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  1. On My residence i built a sheep farm at Y- 15 But My Grass Wont Grow For My Sheep!

    Can Anyone Help

    Is It That Grass Wont Grow Down At That Level?
  2. Make sure your firespread flag is true and the dirt is well lit. Grass spreads from one block to another. If you only have it on the surface, make a dirt block ladder/stairway to where you want it to grow.
  3. What if i had grass in my chest?
  4. how do i do the firespread command
  5. It needs to be placed.

    I think it's /res set firespread true

    Be careful of where you place lava and so forth once you turn it on.
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  6. Tip: if you have a silk touch pick, just take a block of grass and place it in your farm.
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  7. If you don't know how to reset firespread I doubt you turned it off. What you need is some fences, grass blocks and lots of light. I think you can buy grass blocks for 2r in the /shop. Replace a dirt block with grass in your sheep pen and fence it off. This will stop the sheep from eating it. Start placing lots of torches everywhere you want grass (I'd say every 4 or 5 squares). The grass should slowly spread out from the grass block.
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  8. Is grass still "pickable" with silk touch? :O
  9. Didn't think to mention buying a block at /shop. I was too cheap to buy the block so I made a stairway when I did mine :)
  10. Yes it is
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  11. Are you looking to get long grass to grow? Just bonemeal regular grass.
  12. Wiibo- you should have just asked me for some grass blocks! xD