My Grass Won't Grow D:

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    I've had this issue since I first made the account on the server and it wasn't a problem until now. To put it simply, my grass refuses to grow. D:

    I was told it takes about 5 minutes for grass to grow but I'm on for several hours at a time and it doesn't budge. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I checked the list of known bugs but it wasn't on there.

    I was also told to put torches down but that proved ineffective. I need the grass to grow now so my sheep can eat it and grow their wool back.
  2. is this on your res? I think there is a flag that can turn grass-growing on/off
  3. Yeah it's on my res. I hope you're right, and my flag has been disabled, otherwise I'm at a loss as to what I should do about this. I've repeatedly replaced my dirt with grass blocks and it's expensive to do that. :x
  4. try typing this:

    /res set firespread true

    the code that handles fire spreading is also used for the grass...
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  5. Oh, that's unfortunate. I have firespread disabled. Thanks for your help, I'll give it a try!
  6. It worked, thanks so much!
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  7. Ohh? That's good then :)
  8. Yeah sorry in the game "spread" is all spread, so it is fire and grass...
  9. if you disable spread, will grass regrow when sheep eat it, or is it off till you re-enable?
  10. Wish i knew you could turn off fire spreading 2 weeks ago, then my wooden house wouldn't have burnt to the ground!
  11. Yes, this is a Minecraft core issue... You can prevent forest fires but then you also kill your lawn.... haha
  12. wow, good thread! I was wondering why my lawn was staying freshly mowed for so long :) Used to be that I spread bonemeal once and long grass spread itself automatically, even if i cut a bunch of it down... learned somethin' today