my friends this is why we don't play with flint & Steel in a wooden house

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  1. My friends this is the result of playing with flint and steel in the wrong place at the wrong time.... ya, i tried to add a fireplace to my house and apparently didn't make it big enough to where the wood caught on fire and this is the end result.....
  2. Awwww, secret: /res set firespread false (our maybe it is "spread", on my phone right now). Although this also keeps grass from spreading lol
  3. Wood is so yesterday. SANDSTONE FTW!
  4. After my heart are you? Sandstone is my fav (as you can tell by all the official Town buildings and streets and my res lol).
  5. i have tried with sandstone, but im a HORRIBLE builder, i have wanted to build a villa though....... hmmmmmm

    :EDIT: i also love sandstone (not saying this just because justin likes it..... maybe).
  6. justin. apperently you like to laugh
  7. lol ?

    Yeah lots of smiles :) and laughs lol, that is just who I am...
  8. oh god, i did this on my offline game after spending weeks finding and dyeing hundreds of pices of wool for my 3 story hotel :')
  9. @Justin Never knew. My house part is sandstone, the shop is wood. GOOD THING MY FIREPLACE IS IN MY HOUSE!
  10. I love endstone. Endstone is the new sandstone is the new sand is the new gravel is the new dirt is the new cobblestone is the new stone. You just witnessed the 6 inceptions of minecraft. Sincerely, the one who loves endstone.
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  11. Oh god. Flint and steel in a wooden house is bad... And wood is the best tho
  12. My mansion burnt down because of a fireplace once. I then made a mansion out of cobble but i made the roof was made of wood and burnt down 4 times while i tried to make a fireplace in the penthouse uptop : (
  13. .......that just blew my mind.... i guess?
  14. Yeah same happened to my friend. Fifty story mansion....although he was on creative mode on single.
  15. Another Great Reason Why Not To Play With Flint And Steel ( In The Nether Or Anywhere Else That People Can Die) Is That My Friend Got Banned From Playing With Flint And Steel In The Nether And It Caught A Lot Of On Fire And A Few People Died And My Friend Took There Stuff. (That Counts As P.V.P And That Is Why He Got Banned) So That Is Another Reason Why Not To Play With Flint And Steel.