My friends cobble Generator

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  1. 2011-10-21_22.26.04.png This is her/he, i cant tell by skin or Name lolzwut
  2. I am going to be easy here, there are no pics.
  3. i know sry!
  4. 2011-10-21_22.22.58.png 2011-10-21_22.23.01.png 2011-10-21_22.23.04.png 2011-10-21_22.23.08.png 2011-10-21_22.23.09.png 2011-10-21_22.24.33.png 2011-10-21_22.26.04.png
    Grats on the hard work ;D
  5. This is a good one, I like how it doesn't just make a single row, very nice :)
  6. XD you would not believe how annoying getting the timing for the second row was, we scrapped the first design for that bit XD
  7. Yeah I bet, I wish I had the patience for that but I would have just given up and gone with a single row haha
  8. XD we are in the process of moving the whole thing to a different corner and dropping it 10 layers down, oh there is water under it that pushes the cobble we miss to a collection point too.(credit for that to 1999kid)
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