My friend sent me a cool video

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by YOU12MAEC, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Here is the link he said you guys are probs gonna hate on me though. I shortened it and added a 5 sec ad its quick though. Click Here to view it.
  2. Ok ilwacthit
  3. Lemme know how you like.
  4. Yea, not looking at it with an link.
  5. Why Not?
  6. It is not your original work. You shouldn't profit from it.
    I know it isn't your work because of the title of this thread....

    "My friend sent me a cool video"
  7. i should of know, really rick astlety
  8. I dont even get a cent >.< I get like a mili cent. Plus I am trying to get to a dollar before one of my friends hes in the lead D:
  9. Ummmm its not compatible with my nook...
  10. jokes on u i love the song, but i lost the game:(
  11. I'll post one on how to make an exp grinder out of a spawner on my channel and do an to that. Would you guys be interested in that video if I made one?
  12. depends the type of spawner
  13. Speak what types do you want to see?
  14. if possible blaze and ur ablle to use water since we have the ability to on the server so u could make it in creative