My floating island

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  1. I have just finished the hard part of this. I was wondering if it is missing something. I would like some constructive criticism. Ideas, thoughts?

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  2. dude you gotta build me one i want one this is sick
  3. no criticisms here :) although a small cave with or might be a nice touch

    what server is it on?
  4. smp4 8981. There are caves everywhere. In one of the pics you can see a wooden bridge going from one to the other.
  5. That look awesome!
  6. Floating island? Does my Floating Shop compare? 8939 smp4
  7. Of mine? It's not complete.
  8. oh show the progress its still prbally cool
  9. Ok... Well I'll show tomorrow. I can't get on atm
  10. cool
  11. This is really cool! Awesome job! I started making a series of smaller floating islands on my res a while back, but only got two done before I got distracted by another project :D
  12. I have no criticism here. I'd say it's one of the coolest ideas for a res. I've seen.
  13. i think im gonna build one all the way at the top of the max height level like 10 down
  14. That is beautiful! I'd plant some flowers...
  15. yeah bonemeal the grass
  16. Because this was so high up and visible, I made myself complete it. I'm not above not finishing projects.
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  17. Haha, well mine doesn't look like it's not finished because I did finish those two islands, I just need to add some more to fill up the space.
  18. ME WANT ME LIKE (can u build me one and how much will it cost)
  19. Your shop is nice. You used a lot of wool. But as far as difficulty, I'd say this island was an 8.