My First Solo Marilax

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  1. So i just finished fighting marlix solo for thefirst time and well i died..... alot.
    But in the end i brought it down after buying tones of enchants from allengero lol.
    in the middle of my fight with him i was being mobbed by well mobs.... and one that i have never seen before i took a screenshot lol well anyways long story wtith me dying short marlix killed itself! i think its arrow hit itself and killed it smh and i got no tokens from it..... but i did get its helmet so thats fine. in the end i think it was fun and its time to find momentus.

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  2. Good job on getting the Helmet! The armour is quite rare so you should catch a fair penny for that. :cool: Oh, and just to say, it is Marlix ;)
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  3. lol i never get the names right XD nd yeah im going to go for a ful set
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  4. lol