My First MC Dream

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  1. I just had my first Minecraft dream. I'm going to post it here as a written reference just for fun. I was talking in Skype with 11 other people including my best friend IIXMagicXII and also hayleycolgan. We decided we were going to play a Survival games style map with some pros which included the Dead Workers and NoxCrew. It went on for a bit with me owning everyone and then I saved IIXMagicXII and accidentally hit her. Then the game bugged and showed my options screen for some reason meaning she could kill me, so I raged :D I was wondering, has anyone else had a Minecraft dream? If so tell us here! :D
  2. I was mining for diamonds, then I heard sssss...But I woke up so all good :)
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  3. Max was talking to me the other night about something completely unrelated to minecraft while i was about 90% asleep, and I remember talking about bukkit or something to her... and I remember something like "why are you talking about minecraft".... It's kinda funny to me now when I think about it.

    I was totally rambling, half responding to her, half dreaming...
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  4. Your getting minecraft dreams!!!! Lucky!
    Im having wet dreams :p, want to switch?
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  5. Lawl...
    I have better things to dream about, sorry.
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  6. Believe me. It was quite a weird dream.