My first livestream!

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  1. Yes, it's true. I'll soon be doing my first livestream on Twitch Tv. It will either be:
    Tonight at 8 or 7Pm Central (maybe even 6)
    Sometime tomorrow

    I'll be doing a Let's play of Don't starve, and if my viewers want something else, it'll be something else! :D
  2. What's your Twitch name? jtc0999?
  3. Bingo :D
    But it's with a capital J. So it's Jtc0999
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  4. it says go turbo under the commercial... reminds me of wreck it ralph
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  5. get chaw recordin software right fooo' lol im only joking take as long as you need
  6. So uh. Come watch, Follow him, And he'll make a fool of himself...singing. :D
    Do it for the plugs.
    Do it.
  7. Nope :3
    Webcam instead :D
    That was really fun, thank y'all SOOO much if you watched! I'll be doing more in the future, maybe one on Sunday.
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  8. I think my favorite part is a toss up between this convo:

    and afk'ing to fix my dinner and all I could hear was screaming. It was like my grilled cheeses screaming as I cooked them. xD It was still fun to watch.

  9. That screaming was me ._.
    Gosh, i'm scarred ;-;
  10. It was real fun, I enjoyed it. =)
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