My First EMC Video!

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  1. Hey all,

    So I decided to start some videos on EMC. This is my first video, it's only a short video showcasing my new mall that I'm in the progress of making with highlancer54 :) I hope you enjoy. Please tell me what I can do to improve. I'm not going to advertise these, but for some "real" videos check out my others on my channel. I aim to upload all of my vids in 1080p, some of the older ones might be 720 but that's because I had a older, less powerful PC. Soon I'll start in 4K! :D

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  2. I actually really enjoyed this tour, great video!
    If you do not mind (and you can do it by PM if you are available) could you tell me what you used to make your video? Any amount of details is good, but whatever you use to edit, do the cool intros, the whole recording, I am quite interested :)
    Once again, cool video, and have fun making many more!
  3. Thanks it means a lot :) And sure I'll tell you what I use in pm :D
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