My Farm/Hotel on utopia

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    Progress on it. Btw it is not a 60x60 res of carrots.

    Also looking for a personal helper with this hotel, will discuss payment in a pm, I would like a trusted member not a person who is a no name person.

    EDIT #1 (Dunno How many there is gonna be):

    List of Materials that will be greatly appreciated (For the part Im working on) :
    Glass Panes
  2. I can help.
  3. Nice progress! I may be able to at least supply you with some materials, so let me know what you need. Also, be sure to post this on once it's finished. :)
  4. I'd be curious to see how this turns out, lmk if you need anything :)
    Be happy to help out.
  5. Bump, still looking for personal assistant. :)