My Farewell.

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  1. As you may or may not know, I've been in the empire for quite a while, and to me it's not a fun as it used to be. When I started, it was so fun, I was really active, thoroughly enjoyed it. After a while I became inactive for over 3 months. I was playing other games, becoming "Social" etc...
    Now I think its time for me to move on. It was fun whilst it lasted, but I'm going to be giving back to the community.
    TOMORROW.(Sunday, 24th June) I will be giving away everything I own on EMC. This includes over 140k Rupees. Enchanted items and so on.
    I will also donate to as many people as I can. This may not be everyone but I will try my best.
    This will take place at 6:00 UK time on Smp 2 at my res.
    The main reason I'm quitting is because there as now other games I play and I enjoy these more at the moment. Don't get me wrong, EMC isn't boring at all, but after a while I have just lost interest.
    I hope you all enjoy the rest of your time here, but for me this is the end.
    Bye guys! :(
  2. Not good that you are leaving :( :'(
    I accually didn't know you because you were really active when I wasn't active, good luck with 'real live'!

    I accually don't want to ask it, but may I have some rupees?
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  3. Bye PiggzCanFly
    We didnt play mutch together
    Good Luck with everything :)

  4. What Time Will That Be For Me, I live In North carolina
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  6. 6:00 PM or AM?

    Also, good bye pig brother. Live long and prosper.
  7. Hmm whats on you res :p
  8. Pm. And thanks :)

    Not alot XD
  9. I knew you all along... Remember cantiep45?
    Pigs CAN FLY
  10. 1 Hour and 15 Minutes from this post. ;D
  11. till take off?? good bye fellow animal-user-name-person-thingy-guy! i hope to see you around!

    EDIT: could u send a few r to the_orange132? he is my buddy who just joined but he wont be on then..
  12. Sure mate, i'll be sending a bit to everyone.
  13. Can you send a few my way. I can't go as I am going to a funeral right now.
  14. Have a good time on your other games, i hope you have fun. The giveaway will be in 20m ish, but my laptop is broken (im on my ipod atm) so i cant be there and i would sincerely appreciate if you could donate to me, Many Thanks Agent_Notch.
  15. can you send me a little rupees please that would be cool but other than that have a good life:cool:
  16. Pig brother from another mother! I'm having breakfast. :(
    Couldn't make t to party make sure you send me sum rupees please. Have a good time.
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  17. Aww sorry guys, its over D: my res on smp5 is getting griefed atm and my balance is 0 :/
  18. Well, its not about the stuff. Its about you, and your leaving. Sorry bud, have a great ife. :)
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