My Farewell and Final EMC Post

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ChowMains, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. -snip- ya'll, peace out -SNIP- !
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  2. Why u leaving?
  3. so long! we'll miss u! :"(

    when will this freeforall be?
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  4. Perms are not set....... I've got my flint and steel ready. Dude, i noticed you have hotel rooms. Have you notified the players and told them to clear their chests?
  5. Cya chow.Hope you find something else to do wiith your spare time :(
  6. Why chow?
  7. Y r u leaving?
  8. Bye and why only 3 months? Though that seems long for a MC server though.
  9. Wait can I visit SMP3 while I have a res in SMP5
  10. Yes You just have to type on the direct connect :rolleyes:
  11. It's sad to lose a member. You will be missed (I know, I don't actually know you; same principles apply). Hope you have a long and glorious minecraft career. :)
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  12. Chow Why...........ill miss you.:)
  13. Yeah I thought this was going to happen to wise old Qwertyip but he is back now :)

    Bye then
  14. Good Bye, Hope life is good :)
  15. got any ruppes i would love to benefit from them;) and bye we will miss u :(
  16. good job, skinning him when he leaves! --__--
    if he says yes, we split the prize ;)
  17. Lol xD
  18. wow, most likes ever on a single post! keep 'em coming! (sorry to hijack your thread, but the opportunity was too good to pass up :D)
  19. Only 4 likes? Pffft. *goes and sees 1k likes on a troll post* ;)