My Epic 100th Post on EMC Forums!

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  1. Hi guys! This is going to be my 99th post on EMC! I have been here for about a month now in this great community and I love it here and I wish it could be here forever! Anyways, this is going to be my 99th post so it is going to be really awesome once I get 100! I want to thank all the mods (JustinGuy, ICC, etc.) and all my friends on SMP5 and I really want to go Diamond but I sadly, am only 1** years old. So yeah, thanks for the awesome community JustinGuy! Also leave an answer to the poll!
  2. Congratulations :)
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  3. Congrats
  4. Why you say wish I could stay forever? Aren't you?!? :cool:
  5. Yay this is my 455th post!!!!! :)
  6. It took me 8 days to get from my first post to my 100th. I didn't really notice when it happened, but I wouldn't have made a big fuss about it anyway. :p
  7. I'll try :3
  8. I see :cool:
  9. With all due respect, my 1,111 likes is pretty cool also. :p
  10. You mean 1,112? :3
  11. and now add another one :D
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  12. Congratulations.
    But really? You should be posting to help/inform others or to receive help from others, not to 'post-farm' so that you look like a more active member of the community...
  13. My 1430+ posts is pretty cool, also.
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  14. Shush. ;P
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  15. Ok...
  16. Sorry, I just don't want to see the forums clogged up with spam like 'OMG MY FRIST PSOT! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D' or 'LIEK THSI PLOX PLOX PLOX :):):):):):):):):)'
    I don't have much of a problem with someone simply stating that they have reached their 100th post and that they would like to thank the admins for giving us all this opportunity to have fun with lots of others.
    No offense intended.
  17. Ok. :3